Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon


Introducing the latest Bottlecraft Single Barrel Pick: Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon!  

While Wilderness Trail Distillery started in 2006, the co-founders come from a long family history of distilling and experience in the Kentucky bourbon industry. Wilderness Trail Distillery now is a Heritage Member of the Kentucky Distillers Association.

Wilderness Trail uses a distinctive Sweet Mash instead of the Sour Mash technique. They were the first of Kentucky’s distillers to embrace the sweet mash process as our sole mashing technique. By not acidifying the mash, They’re able to bring more flavors forward from the grains with a softer finish, just as in preparing a fine meal. All of their whiskeys are distilled, aged and bottled at Wilderness Trail Distillery in a rich traditional Kentucky environment.

Made from locally sourced grains from an old, traditional mash bill of 64% corn, 24% rye, and 12% malted barley. Copper pot distilled from fermented batch using our sweet mash process and put into the barrel at 110 proof then aged 4 years, 9 months. Barrel ISC #4 Char, stored in Rickhouse A-S1-B8.


Nose: Toasted vanilla, oak, caramel and brown sugar 

Palate: Moderate heat, leather, toffee and burnt sugar, like crème brûlée

Finish: Pepper, oak and sweet corn