Whistlepig "Ferncraft" + "Bottleside" Bundle


Get both Bottlecraft x Fernside Whistlepig collaborations: “Ferncraft,” a 10 Year Single Barrel Rye and “Bottleside,” a 12 Year Bespoke blend for a special price.

About Ferncraft:

To select this barrel, Bottlecraft founder Brian Jensen and Fernside’s Christian Siglin made a trip out to WhistlePig’s Vermont distillery.

Ferncraft 10 Year is a 114.4 proof single barrel rye whiskey aged 10 years. This barrel was hand selected by the Bottlecraft and Fernside teams during a magical trip to WhistlePig Farm and Distillery out in Vermont.

It’s brimming with aromas of orange peel and caramel, hits the palate with rye spice and vanilla, and finishes smooth, with lingering spice and a hint of butterscotch.   

About Bottleside:

To select the blend for the Bottleside 12 Year Bespoke blend, they used a dropper and beaker to combine the three finished whiskeys numerous ways until they came upon a blend that was balanced, flavorful and unique; a bespoke blend of Canadian rye whiskey finished in 75% Madeira, 20% Sauternes and 5% Port.

  • Mash Bill: 94% Rye and 6% Barley
  • Strength: 86 Proof / 43% ABV
  • Total Yield: 132 Bottles
  • Nose: honeysuckle, citrus, apricot
  • Taste: A smooth, delicate body with notes of orange, spice, raisin and brown sugar.
  • Finish: Gentle lingering rye spice

With the smooth body and delicate notes, we love drinking this whiskey neat, but it fairs well in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.


Bundle includes 2 x 750mL bottles.