Whistlepig "Bottleside" 12 Year Rye


WhistlePig “Bottleside” 12 Year Rye Bespoke blend is Bottlecraft‘s latest single barrel pick, hand-selected in collaboration with our friends at Fernside.

To select this barrel, Bottlecraft founder Brian Jensen and Fernside’s Christian Siglin made a trip out to WhistlePig’s Vermont distillery. Using a dropper and beaker, they combined the three finished whiskeys numerous ways until they came upon a blend that was balanced, flavorful and unique; a bespoke blend of Canadian rye whiskey finished in 75% Madeira, 20% Sauternes and 5% Port.


  • Mash Bill: 94% Rye and 6% Barley
  • Strength: 86 Proof / 43% ABV
  • Total Yield: 132 Bottles
  • Nose: honeysuckle, citrus, apricot
  • Taste: A smooth, delicate body with notes of orange, spice, raisin and brown sugar.
  • Finish: Gentle lingering rye spice


With the smooth body and delicate notes, we love drinking this whiskey neat, but it fairs well in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.