Gene’s Picks for the first weekend of May!

 1) Cellarmaker + North Park Beer Co X-Raying Nugs, Hazy DIPA, 8.5%

Cellarmaker is already renowned throughout the length and breadth of California for IPAs of all stripes. A collaborative beer with our friends & neighbors at North Park Beer Company is a must-try however! Inspired by NPBC’s affinity for Citra Incognito, Cellarmaker further bombarded the beer with more Citra, Nelson and Nelson Cryo (i.e lupulin powder). As if that hadn’t been enough to overload your sensory perception, a layer of Rakau Hop Kief topped off the whole science experiment. Enjoy this innovative DIPA making use of a medley of new hopping technologies!

2) Enegren + Bierstadt American Reinheitsgebot, Helles Lager, 4.8%

The fantastic American Reinheitsgebot series by Enegren conceptualizes what the Purity Law would look like if applied to an American craft-brewing context. All ingredients are grown and/or sourced from domestic producers or processors so as to spotlight the broad range of talent and terroir available in the United States. Each recipe has been different thus far, but also in collaboration with a fellow lager-loving brewery. The 2024 release brings back Colorado lager darling Bierstadt (@bierstadtlager ) for a showstopper of a pale lager, with pilsner malt from Leopold Brothers (whom you may know for their incredible array of spirits – special recognition for their Summer Gin and Three Chamber Rye) and Audacia hops from Indie Hops in Portland.

3) Ayinger Maibock, 7.0%

Leaning on Munich malt for nuttiness and that ineffable white-grape aromatic element that works so well with the cooked-cereal impression imparted by decoction, the Maibock from Aying helps to define the style. Literally “May Bock”, these pale strong lagers herald the arrival of late spring. This family-owned and -operated brewery is located in the town of Aying, a stone’s throw south of Munich, providing tradition, imprimatur and gravitas. Prost! Cheers to May!