Gene’s Picks of the Week!

May 10, 2024
1) Prairie – Kiwi McSqueezy Fruited Sour, 6.9%
If you had inquired ten years ago as to what Prairie was best known for, the answer would doubtlessly have fallen on the stout side of the beer-spectrum. Nowadays however, an enormous amount of creativity has gone into the brewery’s canned sours. Kiwi McSqueezy falls into this latter category, with a singature irreverant name and a cornucopia of fruits. Beyond just the eponymous New Zealand export, this beer also has apples and marionberries in the mix. Pouring a deep purple hue with magenta foam atop, this is a beer to drink with your eyes first!
2) Fieldwork – Mo Pulp Hazy IPA, 6.9%
Good news everyone! A Fieldwork pallet has landed, all the way from my hometown of Berkeley. A special off-list item offered to Bottlecraft is a version of Pulp never hitherto seen around these parts – Mo Pulp. Whereas the original Pulp is 100% Citra, this iteration affixed Mosaic to the dry-hop for an abundant citrus grove of aromas.
3) Gold Dot – Helles Lager Helles Lager, 4.9%  
The talented brewers at Gold Dot continue their unbroken streak! The latest – and to my entirely subjective tastes, best – lager thus far is a pitch-perfect Helles, with the welcoming roundness of pale malt. As we savor the final days of sunshine before May Gray and counterpart June Gloom set in, consider cracking one of these in the park and admiring the teal sky-blue label capped off by the eponymous gold dot.
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