Beers of the week March 14th, 2023

Our Bottlecraft North Park manager, Gene, selects his favorite beers of the week. You can stay up to date on our beer shop favorites through our news feed and also through our Instagram

1. Urban Roots | Beachwood | Steely Jam | West Coast IPA, 7.1%

A returning collaboration between our Long Beach friends and the Sacramento brewery Urban Roots, Steely Jam unfurls tropical varietals at all frequencies. Mosaic (both as such as well as in Cryo form) plus Strata make for aromas of pineapple, passionfruit and orange blossom. In a departure from the established Beachwood aesthetic, the can-art depicts two skeletal metalheads wearing shades and bopping to the music. Enjoy at high volume!

2. O’Hara’s | Irish Red | Irish Red Ale, 4.3%

The family-owned brewery O’Hara’s – located in County Carlow in the Republic of Ireland – has been at the forefront of craft brewing on the Emerald Isle for almost thirty years now. Their Irish Stout is a staple on our shelves at Bottlecraft North Park on a year-round basis, being the sterling example of the dry and roasty style. In the lead-up to spring, it is joined by O’Hara’s Irish Red, an altogether chocolatey iteration of the classic ales of the isles. For the first time ever, it arrives to us in nitrogenated cans, offering a softer texture with no risk of foaming over and out of your glass. Sláinte!

3. Avery | Tweak | Bourbon Barrel-Aged Coffee Stout, 13.1%

Gold foil-wrapped twelve-ounce bottles are a hallmark of Avery’s special projects, usually heralding an innovative sour ale or a massive barrel-aged stout. Tweak is among the most adored of this dramatis personae and has returned with a lowered (!) ABV for the 2023 release. This roasty bruiser was brewed with heaps of coffee beans that themselves had been conditioned on a barrel-aged stout, making this an ouroboros of malt, caffeine and whiskey. Arguably the espresso martini of the beer world?