Beers of the week July 4th, 2022

Our Bottlecraft North Park manager, Gene, selects his favorite beers of the week. You can stay up to date on our beer shop favorites through our news feed and also through our Instagram. This week’s theme is collaborations!

1. Fremont Brewing | Burial Beer | Specific Void | Hazy IPA, 7.5%%

Even in a town with a brewing scene as extraordinary as Asheville, Burial stands out from the pack. The North Carolinians have fused such disparate cultural influences as The Goonies, Tom Selleck and Salvador Dalí for their aesthetic, all the while making top-notch beer in every style they put their minds to. Sadly no cans of theirs have been available around here since December 2019, so we shall have to settle for this collab between them and Seattle’s Fremont Brewing. With the unusual hop-combination of Chinook, Idaho 7, Nelson & Strata and surrealist label art depicting Fremont’s heron having sprouted eight extra wings and a dozen eyes peeking out from within said feathers, this is one unforgettable beer.

2. Burgeon | There Does Not Exist | Luminous Landscape | Hoppy Lager, 5.8% 

The dry-hopped lager, or “West Coast Pilsner” (or even “Cold IPA”) depending on your terminology, has continued to grow and grow in popularity. One might even say that its success continues to… burgeon? In conjunction with There Does Not Exist out of San Luis Obispo, our favorite Carlsbad brewery has concocted a chill-hazed lager dosed with Strata and Nectaron, ideal for summertime, sunsets and bright vistas.

3. Blaugies | Hill Farmstead | La Vermontoise | Spelt Saison, 6%

The mercurial Shaun Hill of Vermont’s Hill Farmstead is on record as stating that Saison d’Epeautre, the flagship creation of Brasserie Blaugies, is one of his favorite beers of all time. Located in the eponymous village in far southern Wallonia (pressed up against the French border), Blaugies specializes in rustic farmhouse ales in green bottles, which gives off a light-striking element upon uncorking. La Vermontoise is a variation on that selfsame theme, being brewed with spelt (= “Epeautre”) and given a dry-hopping charge of Amarillo hops for a subtle citric orange tinge to boot.