Beers of the week January 23rd, 2023

Our Bottlecraft North Park manager, Gene, selects his favorite beers of the week. You can stay up to date on our beer shop favorites through our news feed and also through our Instagram

1. Beachwood Brewery | Hop Jitsu | West Coast IPA, 7.1%

Balancing bracing bitterness from high alpha-acid hops with honey malt sweetness, Hop Jitsu is a reach into the archives for Beachwood. The last time I recall drinking this beer was on draft only, a full six years ago. Now in cans with a black belt cinched around the midsection, Hop Jitsu is bittered with Simcoe and Warrior with Citra and Amarillo in the dry-hop for a citric tinge.

2. Highland Park | Friendlier | American Light Lager, 4.2%

Also on the docket upon the special-occasion Highland Park drop last week was Friendlier, an uncomplicated and unprepossessing pale lager. This is no reason to overlook it however! Sometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than a beer that requires no pondering.

3. Enegren | Maple Baltic Porter | Baltic Porter, 9.1%

The delight of a Baltic Porter is that it offers roast without concomitant bitterness, as befitting its lager character. Like its little sibling Schwarzbier, it is also a cunning way to demonstrate that “dark” and “heavy” are not necessarily synonymous in beer. Enegren has introduced a further innovation to this regal style by adding maple syrup not as a sweetener, but rather as a carbonating sugar-source. With a whiff of smoke to top it all off, this is one winter seasonal not to be missed.