Gene's Picks of the week

Our Bottlecraft North Park manager, Gene, selects his favorite beers of the week. You can stay up to date on our beer shop favorites through our news feed and also through our Instagram.


1. Fieldwork | Supreme Diesel | Hazy Double IPA, 8.3%

The best-known New Zealand hop varietal, Nelson Sauvin (invariably foreshortened to simply “Nelson”, like an old friend) gives off wildly pungent aromas of green grapes, gooseberry and sometimes something approaching benzine. These petrol notes – reminiscent of a Chenin from South Africa or some Mosel Rieslings – are only as desirable as the drinker’s preference. For those who revel in it, however, this beer will be a delight. Heavy dry-hopping of Nelson atop a dense and opaque hazy malt-bill makes for maximum intensity in a hazy Double IPA.

2. Dupont | Avec Les Bons Vœux | Holiday Saison, 9.5% 

Wallonia’s Brasserie Dupont makes the gold standard for classic farmhouse ales with their flagship Saison. Their peppery proprietary yeast-strain and copper fermentation vessels create something ineffable, a rustic beer for the onset of modernity. Once a year, however, they release their “With Best Wishes” (word-for-word, “With the good wishes”, but this is an idiomatic translation), a beer ideal for gift-giving. Sort of a combination of a Saison and a Tripel, this holiday beer maintains the trappings of their base recipe but adds candi sugar to crank the ABV up another couple of notches. As with Trappist ales, this non-malt-derived sugar source is like steroids for their voracious yeasts, who respond by producing much higher levels of alcohol and carbonation. Enjoy with good friends!

3. Half Acre | Big Hugs | Imperial Coffee Stout, 10%

Dark Matter Coffee has impressed the world beyond Chicago with their roasting prowess for years now. Their stunningly detailed 8oz cans of cold brew were even available in California distribution for some time, but that moment seems to have passed. As consolation, enjoy this imperial stout from Half Acre, also hailing from the Windy City, replete with Dark Matter coffee plus a boldly defined imperial stout.