Beer of the Week, March 19, 2021

Our Bottlecraft North Park manager, Gene, selects his favorite beer of the week. You can stay up to date on our beer shop favorites through our news feed and also through our Instagram.

  1. Pizza Port Outdoor Escape | West Coast IPA (7.2%) 

    Pizza Port Brewing may have a subtle new look to their labels, but the beer within the cans remains overwhelmingly West Coast IPAs. This new recipe includes a touch of flaked rye and malted oats (from Admiral Maltings on the island of Alameda), and is liberally hopped with Mosaic, Chinook, Waimea and Loral. This first round was canned off on the 12th of March and is currently the freshest IPA in the shop!

  2. Enegren Grüngeist Pils | Hoppy Pilsner (4.8%) 

    Enegren Brewing‘s ongoing exploration of single-hop pilsners has done a great service in informing us of newer or lesser-known varietals. Its clean malt base is a beautiful foundation to allow hops to shine through. Born and bred at the Hopfenforschungszentrum (Hops Research Center) in Hüll, the wellspring of so many new-wave German hops, Grüngeist is still largely unknown in the U.S. The “green ghost” features lemony, floral and even faint peach aromas befitting its partial Noble parentage. Thanks to Enegren for sending some cases of this limited-release beer down to San Diego!

  3. Alvarado Street Island Sherburps | Imperial Kettle Sour (8%)

    The childhood nostalgia impulse towards sherbet continues its march through drinkers’ palates! The first inkling that the notion had traction lies with Prairie Artisan Ales. They hit upon an instant success with Rainbow Sherbet, whose electric-pink cans first landed in California not even two years ago. Further releases from Moonraker and Untitled Art have graced our shelves of late. Most recently, Drekker’s drop of a rainbow sherbet iteration of its onomatopoeic CHONK! attracted great interest. Now, Alvarado Street Brewery puts their kettle-sour program to the task, packaging passion fruit, dragon fruit, guava and mango into the mix.