Our Bottlecraft North Park manager, Gene, selects his favorite beer of the week. You can stay up to date on our beer shop favorites through our news feed and also through our Instagram.

  1. Cellarmaker / Other Half “Big Nug” | Hazy IPA (7%)

    Any beer combining the talents of San Francisco’s Cellarmaker Brewing and Brooklyn’s Other Half Brewing is liable to be a surefire success. But when the result is a hazy IPA–a style at which both breweries excel–the prospect is a no-brainer. This collaboration beer is hopped with Citra, Simcoe Cryo and Idaho 7 for expressive aromatics. We aren’t receiving very much of this, so hopheads are encouraged to stop by soon once we announce that it’s landed!

  2. Societe “Not Enormous” | Berliner Weisse (3%)

    In American craft-brewing innovation, the Berliner weisse (and its cousin, gose) have often been associated with fruit additions, so much so that they almost encompass their own sub-genre. Yet these classic, zippy, tart wheat beers of Berlin were unfruited at their base, with visually compelling syrup options only coming later (and inadvertently transforming the drink into sort of an Italian soda). Purists insist on no sugar and no fruit so as to enjoy all of the lactic acidity in its unvarnished form. Area stalwarts, Societe Brewing, with their first canned sour, have created a tangy, lemony and true-to-style Berliner weisse. And at just 3% alcohol-by-volume, one tailor-made for the summer days of mid-November in San Diego.

  3. Untitled Art / Angry Chair “Loaded French Toast Imperial Stout” | Pastry Stout (11%)

    This one is for the dessert-stout fans. Wisconsin’s Untitled Art Brewing has distinguished itself with one-off sours and stouts, frequently involving lactose, with every release in our market being a collab. The pedigree of this specific brew’s partnership is unquestioned. Angry Chair Brewing out of Tampa is known the world over for their motor-oil viscosity imperial stouts. With adjuncts of maple syrup and milk sugar as well as a heap of cinnamon, Loaded French Toast more than lives up to its title.